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Tinley Park Social Security Disability Attorney John E. Horn of the law firm of Horn & Kelley, P.C., won a Fully Favorable decision from the Appeals Council on remand from the United States District Court.   The claimant had been denied social security disability benefits throughout the entire administrative process.

 Social Security Disability

The claimant suffered from the aftermath of a cervical fusion, the aftermath of a lumbar laminectomy, obesity, and hypertension.  The District Court remanded September 24, 2013.  The Appeals Council on July 29, 2014, found claimant disabled December 1, 2010, the alleged onset date.  The Appeals Council adopted the administrative law judge’s findings of fact but assessed claimant’s residual functional capacity as sedentary rather than light and applied Medical-Vocational Guideline Rule 201.14 to allow the claim.  Usually the Appeals Council just sends the case back to the administrative law judge for another hearing.


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Tinley Park Social Security Disability Attorney John E. Horn & H. Elizabeth Kelley

Tinley Park Social Security Disability Attorney Horn said, “It’s unfortunate that decision makers at lower levels did not understand how serious my client’s impairments are.  I’m relieved I was able to win benefits back to December 1, 2010, for my client.”  Horn is an attorney who represents people on disability claims at every level in Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, and nationwide.  Horn & Kelley has offices in Chicago, Tinley Park, and Lagrange, Illinois, as well as Highland, Indiana.  They have represented clients in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.  If you want a free evaluation of your social security disability claim by a Tinley Park Social Security Disability Attorney, call Horn & Kelley at 888-921-5297.

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When you hire a Tinley Social Security Disability Attorney, make sure you hire a fighter, a lawyer who can take your case to the United States District Court or United States Court of Appeals if necessary.  You have at least a fifty percent better chance of winning with a fighter who can take your case to the United States District Court, the United States Court of Appeals or even the United States Supreme Court.  Visit our website at johnehornattorney.com.  We are national leaders in social security disability law.  Follow us on Twitter @HornKelleyLaw


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