The Dos and Don’ts of Filing Social Security Disability for Diabetes

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Having diabetes will no doubt change how you live your life forever. If your diabetes has progressed and is causing multiple health problems, you may be able to get Social Security Disability. If you are no longer able to work because of your diabetes and associated complications.

Do Check to See if You Are Instantly Disqualified

It is best for you to have your application filed by an attorney that specializes in Social Security Disability from the start.


If you apply for Social Security Disability without qualifying to receive it, you’ll be wasting a lot of your own time. See a lawyer and make sure you are eligible before you apply. At the very least, make sure you qualify to apply for disability. For example, you need to have worked five of the last ten years even though you have diabetes.

Does your diabetes only cause short-term issues? According to the Social Security Administration, they don’t make payments for partial disability or short-term disability. Also, the Social Security Administration has a very specific definition of “disability.” For their purposes, your diabetes or its complications must severely limit your ability to perform the duties of your previous job over the last 15 years.

Don’t Stop Seeing Your Doctor

One common mistake that people make before applying for Social Security Disability is that they stop seeing their primary care physician along with other specialists. Although you may have significantly less money when you can no longer work, try to keep seeing your doctor. If you cannot afford it, talk to your doctor about your situation.

Unfortunately, if you stop seeing your doctor, you may reduce your chances of getting approved for Social Security Disability. You need to present proof of how your current health condition has not improved although you have followed the doctor’s recommendation for care. If you’re not seeing a doctor, you likely cannot satisfactorily demonstrate why you can no longer work.

Do Mention All Your Medical Issues 

Someone who only has controlled diabetes that isn’t having a noticeable, severe impact on their health probably won’t be able to get Social Security Disability benefits. However, if you have multiple complications from diabetes and other medical problems, you may be eligible. Be upfront about all ailments on your application.

Mental health issues that may be worsened by diabetes should be mentioned. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the mind-body connection with diabetes shouldn’t be ignored, and diabetes can make existing mental health conditions worse. Make sure to mention depression and other mental health problems that may affect your ability to work.

Don’t Gloss Over the Details 

The person who reviews your application for Social Security Disability may make assumptions if you don’t provide thorough and specific details on your application. For example, if you can no longer work in your old job because of health problems, you need to explicitly state this fact on your application. Also, explain why you can no longer do the work you used to do.

Err on the side of providing too much information. Talk to your lawyer about what may or may not be relevant, then describe your health journey with facts about your declining health in as much detail as possible.

Also, the Social Security Administration will consider factors such as the level of education you received and your age. Include information about your work experience and skills. All of these factors may play a part in whether you are approved.

Don’t Skip Your Medication

Your doctor prescribes medication for very good reasons. Not only can skipping your medication be catastrophic for your health, but it may also sabotage your claim for Social Security Disability. You need to follow all of your physician’s advice, and you should track how well you take all of your prescribed medications over time. It is also very important to mention any side effects from your medications that specifically affect you to your doctor, so these facts get into your medical records.

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