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The Social Security system exists so that Americans who are injured or otherwise unable to work can still receive a basic income. Your weekly or monthly payments into the Social Security system exist so that, someday, you can withdraw from that system in order to make ends meet if you can’t work.

The process of applying for Social Security Disability payments can be complicated, and most applications are rejected the first time. An attorney or representative can help. Are you looking for Social Security Disability representative services for Chicago, IL, area filings? Contact Horn & Kelley, PC, Attorneys at Law.

How a Representative Helps

There are a lot of components that go into applying for Social Security Disability, and it’s easy to miss valuable information. Even if your application is rejected, you can work with a Social Security disability representative to appeal your claim.

Horn & Kelly PC knows how to prepare applications and appeals in accordance with Social Security laws. We don’t get paid attorney fees unless you win, so you can know that we are working hard to get you approved as soon as possible.

Our Unique Experience

When you work with a Social Security representative from Horn & Kelley, PC, you have decades of experience on your side. Our attorneys are highly experienced in the field of Social Security Disability. Our law firm only handles one thing, which is why we can boast such a high success record.

Of the thousands of claimants we have provided Social Security Disability representative services for, most have been successful in securing benefits. With an impressive track record and a wealth of experience, you can be confident that we’ll be able to help you as well.

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