Social Security Disability, Mental Impairment, Manipulative Restrictions, Foot Disorder

Written by John Horn. Posted in Social Security Disability

John E. Horn of the law firm of Horn & Kelley, P.C., won a new Social Security Disability hearing in the case of a claimant with a mental impairment, manipulative restrictions, and a foot disorder

At the hearing, the Vocational Expert testified that there would be no work at the sedentary level (a desk job) for anyone with claimant’s other limitations.  After the hearing, claimant submitted evidence, including a podiatrist’s opinion, that demonstrated claimant could perform no more than a desk job.  Although the evidence arrived prior to the date the hearing decision was issued, it was neither added to the exhibit list nor evaluated.  The Appeals Council reversed and remanded just twenty days after the filing of the request for review.  Claimant is to receive a new hearing.  Horn said, “The Social Security Administration acted as if it did not have to consider all the evidence.  I am honored to help people get a fair shake from the Social Security Administration.”  Horn represents individuals at every stage of their disability claims.


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