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Many people don’t realize how important good health is in maintaining a job until a health condition keeps them from working. If you have psoriasis, you know it’s more than just a skin condition. The symptoms keep you from feeling comfortable and fulfilling your work duties, and the worry that someone will see you can keep you from enjoying life.

At Horn & Kelley P.C. Attorneys at Law, we understand that psoriasis is a serious issue. That’s why we devote our legal services to securing you Social Security Disability benefits for your psoriasis.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition. Autoimmune conditions are caused when a person’s immune system, which is designed to fight foreign bacteria and viruses, attacks their own cells. With psoriasis, the immune system causes the life cycle of skin cells to speed up rapidly. Extra cells build up a red, scaly appearance, often accompanied by itchiness and pain.

Psoriasis, like many autoimmune conditions, doesn’t have a cure. Treatments help manage the symptoms, and lifestyle changes like staying active and avoiding smoking can greatly benefit sufferers.


Psoriasis is commonly identified by red, scaly patches of skin, called plaques, on parts of the body. The skin may also be dry and crack and bleed. Patients report itching, burning, and pain around the plaques, and some people even experience joint stiffness and swelling.

There are many different types of psoriasis, and it can affect nearly every part of the body. Inverse psoriasis is found under the armpits, around the genitals, and under skin folds, while plaque psoriasis — the most common type — can develop anywhere on the body. All types of this condition are difficult to deal with.

Because psoriasis develops on the skin, many people struggle with hiding it. Not only can it cause physical discomfort and pain, but it can also be the cause of emotional problems. Psoriasis is known for affecting the quality of life of its sufferers, particularly women and young people, and it’s often associated with low self-esteem and depression.

Psoriasis can also further develop into Psoriatic Arthritis, affecting your joints, causing pain, and making you unable to work.

How Can I Receive Benefits?

Thankfully, the Social Security Administration, or SSA, which distributes benefits to people who can’t work because of an injury or illness, offers benefits for psoriasis sufferers who meet certain conditions.

To receive Social Security Disability benefits, you must be unable to work because of your condition, and you must have extensive or widespread plaques that have been present for more than three months. There are also other conditions that specifically apply to psoriasis that must be met.

The lawyers at Horn & Kelley P.C. Attorneys at Law want to help you receive the benefits you deserve. If you think you might qualify for benefits, schedule an appointment with us today. We’ll go over the SSA’s condition and determine if you qualify.

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