Social Security Disability Attorney in Chicago, IL Proves Listing 1.04 Equaled

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Need Assistance with a Social Security Disability Claim?

When a person suffers from chronic joint pain, back pain, or mental anguish, it can be extremely difficult to attend work and earn money to remain self-reliant or support a family. So if you’re unable to work, where do you turn? For the average worker, Illinois social security disability laws can be difficult to comprehend, but assistance from a social security disability attorney in Chicago, IL, La Grange, IL, Tinley Park, IL, and Highland, IN is available.

Since the Horn & Kelley Firm’s inception, our team of social security disability attorneys in Chicago, La Grange, Tinley Park, Illinois and Highland, Indiana have secured compensation for the victims of disability. When we visit with a client, we seek to understand the details of their situation so we can help them obtain the compensation they deserve. Though claims for social security disability insurance are not easily accepted, a legal expert can significantly improve your chances of securing compensation.

The Horn & Kelley Approach to Illinois Social Security Disability Law

The Horn & Kelley Firm employs the most talented social security disability attorneys Chicago, La Grange, Tinley Park, Illinois and Highland, Indiana has to offer, but that doesn’t come easy. Being the best requires knowing the law and knowing a client’s individual situation. For example, if a client is seeking to qualify for social security disability insurance based on Listing 1.04, which indicates that a patient suffers from a disorder of the spine (herniated nucleus pulposus, spinal arachnoiditis, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, nerve root compression, etc.), the attorney needs to understand the client’s complete medical history, including: when the problem began, potential causes, and treatment and medication history. To show how our Chicago, La Grange, Tinley Park, Illinois and Highland, Indiana social security disability attorneys accomplish this, we’ll briefly summarize a recent case we were involved in.

The Case

The accompanying Fully Favorable ALJ decision of March 17, 2014, provides an example of how the combination of a claimant’s impairments can equal listing 1.04 (disorders of the spine). John E. Horn of Horn & Kelley, PC, Attorneys at Law represented claimant.

At the hearing, the Medical Expert testified that the combination of claimant’s degenerative disc disease, cervical fusion surgery, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, anxiety, and obesity equaled (though it did not meet) listing 1.04. The diagnosis was right arm radiculopathy. Diagnostic imaging tests, including several MRI scans and EMG testing, showed objective abnormalities consistent with claimant’s subjective complaints. The record showed a long history of back pain and significant ongoing treatment involving pain medications, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, facet blocks, and surgery.

Social Security Disability Attorney in Chicago, La Grange, Tinley Park, Illinois and Highland, Indiana

Our attorneys are ready to help you with any aspect of the social security disability process, from applications and evidence gathering, to reconsideration appeals and district court filings. If you’re thinking about applying for social security disability insurance, contact one of our attorneys today!

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