Horn & Kelley win Social Security Disability benefits for client with bipolar disorder

Written by John Horn. Posted in Social Security Disability

Horn & Kelley, national leaders in social security disability law, with Illinois offices in Tinley Park, Lagrange, and Chicago, and an Indiana office in Highland, won a fully favorable Administrative Law Judge decision of Jan. 16, 2014, because both listing 112.04 and 12.04 were met.

In response to medical interrogatories, a medical expert opined that claimant’s bipolar had been of listing level severity since the alleged onset date. It met the A criteria and in regard to the B criteria, there were marked limitations in claimant’s activities of daily living and social functioning, moderate limitations in concentration, persistence, and pace, and repeated episodes of decompensation, each of extended duration, with multiple inpatient hospitalizations. With regard to activities of daily living and social functioning, claimant threatened to cut her throat, is hypersexual, irritable, aggressive, impulsive, manipulative, promiscuous, has mood swings, has engaged in unprotected sex, has a childlike presentation, is unable to maintain socially appropriate behavior, and cannot respond appropriately to criticism. With regard to concentration, persistence, and pace, claimant is irritable, distracted, impulsive, has racing thoughts, poor sleep, concentration difficulty, is inattentive, distractible, unable to follow directions, impacted in her ability to learn by her impaired emotional functioning, and has exhibited rapid pressured speech, flight of ideas, and impulsivity. With regard to episodes of decompensation, claimant required emergency room and inpatient psychiatric care on many occasions, and there were at least seven inpatient hospitalizations with consistent diagnoses of bipolar affective disorder, severe, without psychosis. Claimant’s Global Assessment of Functioning ranged as low as 20 at times and usually fell between 30 and 40. She had a number of neurovegatative symptoms including anhedonia, poor concentration, insomnia, and anergia. She has regular suicidal ideations, chronic feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and guilt. In an assessment of claimant’s ability to perform work-related activities, the medical expert indicated claimant has marked limitations in the ability to interact appropriately with supervisors and co-workers, perform activities within a schedule, maintain regular attendance, be punctual, accept criticism or instructions from supervisors, and maintain socially appropriate behavior.

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