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Social Security Disability Lawyer John E. Horn of the law firm of Horn & Kelley, P.C., just won in the United States District Court a new Social Security Disability hearing for a client in Olsen v. Colvin, 13 C 5384, N.D.Ill., Jan. 20, 2015.  Social Security’s decision was not supported by substantial evidence because Social Security improperly discredited our client over her application for and reception of unemployment benefits, and over the use of her cane.  Social Security also was illogical in giving the treating physician’s opinion no weight and the opinion of the agency physician great weight when the treating physician identified evidence supporting his finding and the agency physician failed to do so in support of hers    .

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When you apply for social security disability benefits, you have a seventy percent chance of being denied.  Then it is necessary to file an appeal called reconsideration.  Most claims are denied at reconsideration.  Then it is necessary to file another appeal requesting a hearing by an administrative law judge.  Many claims are won at the administrative law judge level, but if you do not win, an appeal must be filed with the Appeals Council.  The Appeals Council denies most appeals.  Social Security used to allow sixty-five percent of claims overall, but now it is allowing only forty percent of claims  We aim to win every claim without a hearing, but Social Security is just a big insurance company, and like any other insurance company, it only wants to take in premiums and not pay benefits.  That means you need a Social Security Disability Lawyer who will if necessary take your case to the United States District Court, the United States Court of Appeals, or even the United States Supreme Court.

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When you apply for social security disability, make sure you hire a fighter, a lawyer who can take your case to the United States District Court or United States Court of Appeals if necessary.  You have at least a fifty percent better chance of winning with a fighting lawyer who can take your case to the United States District Court, the United States Court of Appeals or even the United States Supreme Court.  Visit our website at  We are national leaders in social security disability law with more cases published in the Forum of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives than anyone else in the country for the last two years.  Horn & Kelley won nine of ten decisions in 2014 in the United States District Court and the tenth is on appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, where Horn and Kelley won two out of two decisions in 2014.  Follow Social Security Disability Lawyer Horn and Social Security Disability Lawyer Kelley on Twitter @HornKelleyLaw

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Social Security Disability Lawyer Horn said, “We’re glad that our client will get a new hearing, but Social Security should have done things right the first time.  The sooner we win, the sooner our client gets benefits, so we want to win as soon as possible and without a hearing.  But we don’t give up even if Social Security makes mistakes.”  Horn is an attorney who represents people on disability claims at every level in Chicagoland, Northwest Indiana, and nationwide.  Horn & Kelley has offices in Chicago, Tinley Park, and La Grange, Illinois, as well as Highland, Indiana.  Their Chicago office serves Southwest Chicago.  Their Tinley Park office serves Chicago’s southwest suburbs.  Their LaGrange office serves Chicago’s west suburbs.  Their Highland office serves Northwest Indiana.  They have represented more than 5,000 clients in the past twenty-five years, including clients in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.  They can represent you in any state or territory.  If you apply for social security disability, get a free evaluation of your social security disability claim by a Social Security Disability Lawyer, and call Horn & Kelley at 888-921-5297.  Horn & Kelley practice only in the field of Social Security Disability.







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